Korean Drama Review Surplus Princess

Surplus princess (2014) 剩余公主

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

Enjoyment: 8/10  Pace: 8/10  No. of times I watched it: 1


starring Jo Bo Ah as Kim Ha Ni / Ei Rin, Ohn Joo Wan as Lee Hyun Myung, Song Jae Rim as Kwon Shi Kyung, Park Ji Soo as Yoon Jin Ah.

Plot: Surplus Princess is a story about a mermaid who attempts to become a human being so that she can stay forever with the man she loves. Ei Rin (Jo Bo Ah), the eighteenth princess of the mermaid world, dreams to become a human because of a love one. She drinks a bottle of the human potion before she even realizes the 100 day consequences to this potion. Before she reaches the 100th day of being a human, she has to find her perfect love one. Will she be able to find him in time?

Zoom into characters: Ei Rin who has a keen sense of taste and smell is a mermaid who falls in love with Shi Kyung at first sight. After she becomes partially human using Kim Ha Ni as her name, she tries all ways to interact with Shi Kyung. She temporarily lives in a house full of “surplus people” (jobless people) while she explores the human world. Unfortunately, when her legs touches water, they turn back into a tail. Hyun Myung is a very talented artist but it does not help him satisfy his daily needs. For his girlfriend, Jin Ah, he decides to quit being an artist and finds a job but gets rejected at every company. In the end, he even loses his girlfriend who gives him up for Shi Kyung. As Hyun Myung starts to fall for Ha Ni, he is even able to accept her true identity and helps her hide it. Shi Kyung is a good-looking chef and perfectionist. Unknown to others, he actually has face-blindness/ memory loss related to recognising people and only forgets his worries when with Ha Ni.

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