Singapore Drama Review 逆潮 (Some characters)

Against the tide (2014) 逆潮

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Crime

Enjoyment: 7/10

against the tide

Since I may not watch the whole drama (unless I feel like it), I will just pick out characters that I want to write about.

Di Shen (Christopher Lee 李铭顺) is a crime novelist who makes it his mission to expose the evil in humans, as he believes all humans are born depraved. He hopes to uphold justice even to the extent of punishing criminals personally until he realises that he is not giving criminals a chance to turn over a new leaf or speak out their minds. While he may stop his doings and just writes books, he is the prime suspect as a culprit naming himself “Shadow Walker” uses his books’ content to commit crimes. Actually, it is not clever of the culprit to use the book content, especially since the culprit is following strictly to the book content so crimes are easily solved as long as Di Shen is there. However, after watching more episodes, I realised that the culprit just wants to relay the message and he has achieved his purpose as long as he is not caught.
The case that makes Di Shen regret the most is Xueqing’s father’s case. Di Shen thought that Xueqing’s father (a professor) killed his sister’s friend (a student) to cover up their relationship and protect his reputation. However, he later discovers that his sister’s friend had delusional disorder and is not really dating the professor. Xueqing’s father even gave a student who secretly took photographs of his sister’s friend a chance to start anew by covering his crimes up. The photographs made him more suspicious then. Xueqing’s father was just trying to protect his students. Di Shen did not give him a chance to explain and killed him when trying to make him confess.

Qiu Xueqing (Rui En 瑞恩) is a psychiatrist who is sensitive to people’s emotions and has the special talent to put herself in the criminals’ perspectives, helping the police a lot. Unlike Di Shen, Xueqing thinks that all criminals should be given a chance to turn over a new leaf and have their reasons for doing things. She believes in the criminals, guiding and helping criminals lead life afresh.
One of the cases that leaves a deep impression on me is how she believes in a criminal, Tianrui (Yuan Shuai). He has the psychological illness that will make him kill underage girls, thinking that they are vampires. Until the end, Xueqing still believes that Tianrui has changed for the better and is trying his best to control himself. What she believed was right! He cut his own palm instead of hurting his neighbour’s daughter. However, as she tries to understand evil, evil gets to her too. She starts to use her hypnosis treatment to harm people and even thinks of killing people herself.

Zhou Jianfeng (Desmond Tan 陈泂江) is a police officer who has a crush on Xueqing. Although he has the support of Xueqing’s uncle, Xueqing prefers Di Shen to Jianfeng. It is funny whenever Jianfeng asks “What has this case got to do with that novelist?” often angrily and in exasperation. I guess I can understand his feelings. He is always trying his best to solve crimes but to no avail yet Di Shen can get to the bottom of things very quickly. Jianfeng always suspects Di Shen and he has reasons to think so. However, what I do not like about him is that he is most of the time quite inflexible when dealing with criminals, not allowing any negotiation. I am touched by how much he likes Xueqing, especially as it comes towards the end, but too bad they are just not meant to be a couple.

Zebang (Shane Pow 包勋评) sincerely hopes that his sister can get a kidney transplant and recover. His hopes are dashed when the doctor gave the kidney to someone else after being bribed and pretending that his sister is not suitable to be operated on. In order to seek justice, Zebang takes matters into his own hands and releases tear gas bombs at people related to the doctor, aiming to make the doctor confess. I am  touched by his relationship with his sister and how much he is willing to do for her. Too bad he has to leave Di Shen’s sister, Di Yao. I think they are quite a matching pair, especially since he can communicate the best with Di Yao. Haha.  It is quite clever of him to put a underwear in his bag to cover up the bombs hidden in it. Di Shen is so worked up that Di Yao’s “friend” is a pervert and did not see the bombs underneath. Are there other options to uphold justice in that circumstance?

Keji (Aloysius Pang 冯伟衷) had broken his leg before when he attempted suicide with a group of people who had the idea that the world was about to end. Keji has a crush on Xueqing when she showed concern for him. Keji’s imaginary father makes use of kinship ties to give Keji the responsibility to complete missions and kill people who “deserves” to be dead. Actually, Keji is just having a psychological illness that his father is still alive and forcing him to do things. Xueqing is unable to help him in time and Keji kills her uncle (her only kin) out of revenge or perhaps it is just to satisfy his hunger to kill. Xueqing starts to turn evil as she makes Keji jump down the building using her hypnosis treatment. Looks like the hypnosis treatment is a double-edged sword which can provide help if used correctly but can cause harm when misused.

I would not say this is a very interesting/addictive drama but it did broaden my horizons as I step into the criminal and psychology world.

Click here to watch.

Against the tide opening theme song

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