Korean Drama Review YWCS

You who came from the stars (2013-2014) 来自星星的你

Genre: Romance, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

Enjoyment: 10/10  Pace: 9/10  No. of times I watched it: 5

you who came from the stars3     

A super big hit and a must-watch! Starring Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon and Jun Ji Hyun as Cheun Song Yi.

The interesting part is Min Joon changes job and registers for his death every 10 years. I wonder why people run away from him or report him to the police when he used his power to save others. It is so cool that he can stop time whenever he wants. He uses it to save Song Yi or show his love when he does not want her to know or to delete a love message he accidentally sent. If it is me, I would rather make friends with magical beings. Perhaps if I really meet one, I will also run away?Haha. His main magical abilities include stopping time, making things move without touching, teleporting, controlling lights and hearing things far away. If I can choose one, I will prefer teleporting. As my house is a long distance from school, I really want to be able to teleport. It will save time and the energy for walking. I also do not have to squeeze into packed public transports. I will also choose like Min Joon to live a short but meaningful human life than to lead a long but lonely alien life.

After the end of each episode, there are actually hidden scenes at the so called trailer part which one should not miss to get a better understanding of the drama.

Why you should watch: The plot is fresh with romance+fantasy+historical to present+action elements. Every moment seems perfect and I was “chasing” (watching faster than it can be produced) after each episode one by one. Kim Soo Hyun is quite good at acting sad scenes (in every drama) and Jun Ji Hyun makes scenes funny with her exaggerated acting. Both add icing on the cake, making this drama a success. The fact that Min Joon can get heart attacks (ep9,16,19) when his blood is mixed with human’s despite his magical abilities makes it more interesting.

Click here to watch.

MV+ Favourite osts: Hello, Goodbye by Hyorin  and My Destiny by Lyn  Whole album

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6 thoughts on “Korean Drama Review YWCS

      1. No prob. By the way, how long have you been watching K-drama and which are your favourites? I started in 2010 but haven’t watched much since then until a few weeks ago when I watched “My Love from the Stars” and “The Moon Embraces the Sun”.


      2. I have been watching since 2009 as my mother watches them and just started this blog this year.
        My favourites are king of baking(2010), princess prosecutor(2010), time between dog and wolf (action), sungkyunkwan scandal(historical,2010), city hunter(action, 2011), rooftop prince(time travel, 2012), queen in hyun’s man (time-travel, 2012), haeundae lovers (lose memory, 2012), I hear your voice (fantasy, 2013), you who came from the stars and all dramas by Lee Seung Gi so far. You can find the reviews of those you are interested in. The best sad drama I have watched is 49 Days. All the dramas mentioned are highly recommended! 🙂


      3. Okay… I will have to check out a few (have to control my obsession so I’ll take it a step at a time). I heard about City Hunter with Lee Min Ho. I like historicals though I’ve only watched “The Moon Embraces the Sun”. How do the historicals you recommended compare with “The Moon Embraces the Sun”?


  1. The historical drama I recommended is also as short as Moon embraces the Sun unlike most other historical dramas. This one also has a good ending like Moon embraces the Sun. The difference is sungkyunkwan scandal is about a girl in an all boys school kind of drama+ a lot of humour. Since you like historical dramas, other historical dramas you can consider is Gu Family Book and Arang and the Magistrate. They are the shorter ones with good ending and both fantasy. Usually long historical dramas do not have good ending.


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